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Aura Light Colour Harmonic Courses present a modern approach to colour and aroma therapy through non-intrusive vibrational essences.

Bring more colour into your life. Understand the rainbow connection: how you think and feel is reflected in your colour choice.

Beginning with the basic energy of the rainbow colours, you will discover how Colour can be a potent key to self understanding. Unlock the secrets to this universal language with this system.

The first step involves understanding the energy of the chakras and their corresponding colours. In Level One youíll investigate our first 22 bottles aswell as a number of often chosen bottles. These form the basis of the Aura Light colour consultation system. Within this sharing of information youíll be able to identify the basic archetypes of colour.

As a part of the course, you will see the colour system at work through the interpretation of your choices. .At the culmination of the certificate course, you will be given atleast one full consultation with one of the group.

Enjoy the aromatic experience as we try some of the essences. Your aromatic adventure includes the chakra range, love and light, release and the recovery range. See how vibrational healing works.

Just as our physical bodies require a variety of foods to maintain a healthy balance, so too do our subtle bodies thrive when chakra energy is in harmony. Colour is a potent key to maintaining balanced chakra activity. Balanced chakra activity generates energy which is then distributed to the subtle energy systems, the meridians and thereby, the physical body. By establishing harmony with the application of colour combined with aroma, herb, crystal and other natural energies, all levels of our being may be brought into greater harmony.

We have three main teaching levels of Aura Light Colour, as well as hands-on weekends for therapists and others, exploring and experiencing Aura Light's transformational qualities.

Bringing colour into our lives. This workshop covers many of the facets of colour, including its links to the thinking feeling process. How we create our own "Health Wealth & Happiness". Colour is the ultimate diagnostic system. Learning to understand vibrational healing and Colour Harmonics - The Universal Tuning Fork.

is a very dynamic interchange of information starting with the basic energy and archetype of single colours, leading to the more complex classification and interaction of colour combinations and their ability to show the appropriate thinking feeling processes as well as their physical linkages on many levels, past, present and future.

develops a much deeper understanding of colour and its ancient roots and modern history, together with its archetypal patterns to an ever deepening level of soul and self. Thus allowing increased opportunities of developing one's inner to outer potential. Enter the magical adventure into inner self...

Colour Correspondence Course Level 1    
In recent years we have had many requests to provide a correspondence format for those unable to access our network of teachers. With this course we have endeavoured to provide a solid foundation in Colour Theory as well as practical activities designed to assist with using colour as part of a consultation system as well as a tool for self healing and understanding.

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Presentation Location Dates Presenter
Aura Light Colour Consultation Level 2 Lake Mary Yeppoon Dates: 13, 14 July 2019 Dee Kynoch RN
Phone: 07 49253095
Aura Light Colour Consultation Level 1 Lake Mary Yeppoon Dates: Nov 4, 5, 18, 19

Dee Kynoch RN
Phone: 07 49253095

Aura Light
'Unicornis' Obi Obi Road,
Mapleton QLD 4560
Phone: 07 5445 7529

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