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Here you will find a description of how our essences operate to transfer their extraordinary vibrations to you and your bodies. Below that are links to each of our product groups. The individual members of each group are described on a separate page.

This schematic demonstrates how the surface application of Auralight essences influences various aspects of your physical and non-physical bodies.

Trough stimulating resonant vibrations in your Aura, Chakra system, Subtle Bodies and Magnetic Field the healing and transforming effects are transferred through your nervous system, blood circulation and meridians to stimulate wholistic healing on a cellular level.

Cellular healing is a profound and pervasive balancing which will affect every part of your conscious and unconscious life.

Essence transfer diagram

Aura Light Product Range

New Products recent additions to our evolving product range.
Aura Lights promote growth and release of inhibiting factors. This group contains essences of outstanding help during pregnancy and childhood.
Body Lights provide assistance with the demands of today's times. Promoting rest, recuperation and zest. This group also contains vibrational colognes which are available in glass gift bottles.
Aura Light now produces a range of beautiful Chakra Balms . These are a gentle way of promoting chakra seed energy patterns. The clarity of transfer has been enhanced by combining the essential oils, mineral water and aqueous cream base in a crystal energy grid.
Chakra Lights are essences to nurture your individual chakras - the benefits are related to the chakra being nurtured.
Cosmic Lights essences made to interface with your outer finer levels.
Essential Elements have been created to combine the element energy with the traditional colour vibration.
Harmony Bottles bear messages for those who are listening. At present these are only available through Aura Light practitioners.
Aura Light's Karma Light range addresses the limiting influences from past and future events and experiences, offering release and continued expansion.
The rays are the essential factors in the creation and evolution of consciousness - Rays of Light essences provide powerful assistance for all who are interested in becoming more conscious.
Recovery Essences & Creams - restore centredness, harmony and balanced energy flow.
Zodiac Essences - for each Astrological Sun Sign assist in a closer alignment to one's life purpose. Including Spheres of Light to help realign your being with your sun sign's essence a helping hand to lead you along your chosen path of destiny.

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Colour The Cosmic Code

- a book on Colour by Antony J. Cooper, 1999

A visionary book on Colour and its application
in personal and planetary healing and transformation.
Easily digestible, practical information for all interested
parties, including laypersons, professionals and visionarys.

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