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Rays of Light
If there is a point of origin of creation at the centre of the universe as we know it, this would be looked upon as the origin of the rays. The rays may be considered as a spectrum of consciousness within the mind of the creator permeating creation and underlying all planes of existence as they refract through etheric geometric forms.

The rays are the essential factors in the creation and evolution of consciousness.
     As above so below      

The rays each have influence over delineated spheres of consciousness and relate to a chakra planetary energy. The rays are often used by those working with crystal energy.

The Rays of Light Bottles
Available in 25ml bottles for AUD$14:95 ($13:60 without GST) each
These essences are applied at the chakra level for chakras 1 to 7 or over the heart centre for chakras 8 to 12 - apply once daily for about 3 weeks (or as indicated).
Not recommended during pregnancy to allow incoming child to choose ray alignment.

Ray 1 Planets: Earth & Mars Chakras: 1 & 3

Ray 2 Planets: Venus & Vesta Chakra: 2

Ray 3 Planes: Earth & Mercury Chakra: 3 (& spleen chakra)

Ray 4 Planet: Neptune Chakra: 4

Ray 5 Planets: Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter Chakra: 5

Ray 6 Planet: Pluto Chakra: 6

Ray 7 Planet: Mars Chakra: 7

Ray 8 Star: Sirius Chakra: 8

Ray 9 Star: A star in the Great Bear Chakra: 9

Ray 10 Star: A star in Orion Chakras: 7, 10

Ray 11 Star: Arcturus Chakra: 11

Ray 12 Galactic Centre: (via Great Bear, Lyra & Orion) Chakra: 12
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