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Chakra Lights roll-on set

7 @ 25ml glass bottles for AUD$99.00

The supreme chakra-maintenance kit for time-challenged people.

Easy-to-apply chakra lights can keep your chakra system in peak vibrational form with a swift swipe!
the roll-on set of 7 @ 25ml glass bottles with roll-on applicators
the roll-on set of 7 @ 25ml glass bottles with roll-on applicators

Look out for our new CHAKRA OILS!

These rainbow gems are full of harmonsing essentials oils formulated to give your subtle energy system a lift and are bottled in a concentrated form available in 50ml and 100ml size.

Release Transformational Oil is now available!

Buy a set of our new CHAKRA oils and get your choice of massage oil free! Try our CHAKRA concentrates– these COLOURFUL oils are available in 50ml @ $29.50 and 100ml @ $49.95!

NURTURAL: My new blended balm Nurtural is perfect for revitalizing the skin. It is available in a beautiful glass jar with a gold lid @ $ P & P.

OZLIGHTS **Exclusive to Australia**

Heart of Joy

With Winter on our doorstep, I felt it was time to warm our hearts with the joy of life. Heart of Joy is a new essence inviting us to once again open our hearts to connect with the sacred inner self. We are encouraged to rediscover that joyous song, the fearless pure innocence of a child. With these words, seek your Heart of Joy and sing of love & understanding: "My heart awakens to the joy it once felt to reconnect with the One. It allows my heart song to be heard and bring forth Joy to the World." ( from Judy H Gladstone)

Application heart and solar plex chakras, then rub your wrists/hands together and inhale the aroma. Repeat at least 4 times to spread the vibe throughout. ENJOY!


  • This essence was inspired by the precious gifts given to One whose light burned brilliantly some 2000 years ago.
  • With a hint of the fragrance of the mystical Middle East, this essence is created to reveal to us to our golden heritage.
  • We are here to give of our very best and to so become a beautiful beam of light warming all with our loving heart.
  • As we show our true colours we can share the magic of each individual ray. Yet it is when we embrace our shared cosmic connection that each colourful ray of light combines to create the ultimate radiance, Within each and every soul the magician awaits manifestation NOW.
  • Let there be Light!
Application Put a few drops on your wrists/palms and apply this essence to the navel/solar plexus region. Breathe in the aroma and inhale the essence from your hands– repeat atleast 3 times.


  • ILLUME Essence is a new essence programmed to give one greater clarity and improved inner communication. It is when we express our heartfelt dreams that the seeds within grow. Energy and exuberation abound as we tap into that spark of creativity within each of us.
  • Illume is an essence to support our quest to tap into our spiritual power and
  • reunite with those pure sparks of inspiration. It is the source of pure creation hidden within our dreams.
It is time for us all to "lighten" up!


  • Aura Light Australia has an exclusive new Oz Light essence to share PEACE is friend here to remind us to look deep within our hearts. When we open to our heart energy and share this magical energy with others, we can heal relationships within ourselves and others.
  • It is when we live in the now that we find the inner peace and calm - that heartfelt sense that all is well. Attune to universal harmony!
  • Peace was inspired by a beautiful glass bead encasing a world of peace– Paradise Found!
  • With the energy of a peaceful pond comes the urge to share dreams, to once again speak from your heart! Bathe yourself in your inner radiance.
  • This is a perfect essence to share as we join together in spreading healing thoughts & energy to all mankind– all of humanity, all over this land!
  • Let Serenity Speak!
May you all find PEACE in your Paradise now!

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Phone: 07 5445 7529

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