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in 25ml bottles costing AUD$16:50 each.

Centuries ago, Chinese civilisation began to study the effects of the major elements around them. They devised a system whereby the fundamental components of life were represented by the five elements. The 5 elements are:

After tuning into these Essential Elements I have created a new range of beautiful essences to extend the Aura Light family

essential elements from Aura Light

An intriguing aspect of looking into this traditional system of Chinese Wisdom has been the discovery that there is a deal of common agreement between colour theory and the Chinese interpretation of the colours within the elements.

These essences have been created to combine the element energy with the traditional colour vibration. Whilst there is a range of colours relating to each element. I have chosen the colours I feels best speak the same language as the element. When deciding which essential oils to use, I focused on those supporting both the colour and element. (The elements do have their own associated smells: goatish, burning, fragrant, rank and rotten- not really enticing!)

Each essence has its own distinctive aroma with a range of essential oils and vibrational essences combining to create an aroma unique to the element eg Wood has a predominance of woody tones with a resinoid Frankincense/ Myrrh / Arabica inside each bottle, Metal glitters with real leaf gold with high frequency alchemical oils such as Jasmine and Angelica giving an inner glow.

The essences are designed to help harmonise the elements energy within each individual. You can look at the associated influences overleaf and determine where you are needing support or you can simple chose the colour you are most drawn to. You may even like to work with the energy of your birth year or with the Year of the Fire Dog upon us, you may choose to balance these energies with Water, a harmonising Yin energy for Wood.

Like the elements, the Chinese see the colours as supporting the next in the cycle. The Chinese New Year beginning January 22 features a Fire Dog. Wood is represented by the green tones whilst the Monkey is a metal animal represented by the colours gold, silver, bronze, iridium and white. There is some conflict as these two colours are opposing each other in the traditional view. Fortunately as this is also a Yin year, the cooling energy may well temper this opposition. Water represented by deep blues may be in much demand to calm confrontations!

If you have found yourself fascinated by the world of Feng Shui and the Wisdom of the Orient, then you may like to celebrate this Chinese New Year with some of our special scents! The essences come in a 25ml size bottle, those buying the full set of 5 will be given a gossamer bag for their sparkling set of Essential Elements. ENJOY! Shiralee

Wood  :||:  Fire  :||:  Earth  :||:  Metal  :||:  Water


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esential elements wood Element: Wood
Colour: Green/Turquoise
Bodily Function/Organs: Respiration, Heartbeat, Liver, Gall bladder
Shape: Rectangle
Direction: East
Planet: Jupiter
Season: Spring
Associatied Influences: sociable,new ideas, tranquility, planning, active,nourishment, expansion, constructive, decision making, growth, flexibility, new life

Wood  :||:  Fire  :||:  Earth  :||:  Metal  :||:  Water


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esential elements wood Element: Fire
Colour: Red/Bright Orange/Purple
Bodily Function/Organs: Circulation/Bloodvessels, Heart
Shape: Triangle
Direction: South
Planet: Mars
Season: Summer
Associatied Influences: Positive attitude, spontaneous, enthusiasm, auspicious, warmth, uninhibited, spirited, active, unpredictable, expressive,stimulating, strength

Wood  :||:  Fire  :||:  Earth  :||:  Metal  :||:  Water


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esential elements wood Element: Earth
Colour: Yellow, Ochre, Amber
Bodily Function/Organs: Spleen, Stomach, Mental Health
Shape: Rectangle/Square
Direction: Centre
Planet: Saturn
Season: Indian Summer
Associatied Influences: Grounded, secure, honest, generous,abundance, mental stabllity, caring, inner peace, diplomatic, dependable, methodical, sociable, joyful relationships

Wood  :||:  Fire  :||:  Earth  :||:  Metal  :||:  Water


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esential elements wood Element: Metal
Colour: White/Silver/Gold
Bodily Function/Organs: Digestion- Large Intestine, skin
Shape: Circle
Direction: West
Planet: Venus
Season: Autumn
Associatied Influences: Alchemy, reform, orderly, discriminating, rational, organised, precise, moral, discrete, pure

Wood  :||:  Fire  :||:  Earth  :||:  Metal  :||:  Water


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esential elements wood Element: Water
Colour: Black/Blue
Function/Organs: Bodily Fluids, Kidney
Shape: Amorphous
Direction: North
Planet: Mercury
Season: Winter
Associatied Influences: Inner peace, penetrating, prosperity, spiritual, reflective, deep, creative, tenacious, inward, imaginative, quiet, travel, communication,cleansing, philosophical

Wood  :||:  Fire  :||:  Earth  :||:  Metal  :||:  Water

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