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Chakra Lights

Chakra Lights are available in these options:

  • individually in 30ml plastic bottles for AUD$16.50
  • a complete set of 12 @ 30ml bottles for AUD$180.00
  • a chakra roll-on set of 7 @ 17ml glass bottles for AUD$99.00
  • a chakra mini set of 7 @ 10ml bottles for AUD$55.00
the roll-on set of 7 @ 17ml glass bottles with roll-on applicators
the roll-on set of 7 @ 17ml glass bottles with roll-on applicators

How to use them

To use the essences you simply apply to the chakra area around the body including the spine, after which breathe the aroma in three times deeply. You now place your right hand on your thymus area (where the throat meets the chest) and imagine the beautiful "essence pattern" from your hand programming your thymus to reprogramme you. Some relaxation music enhances the whole process.

The Chakra Bottle Set

The Chakra Light range
30ml bottles   Only AUD$16.50 a bottle
Click on a bottle to learn the benefits of nurturing that chakra

Restoring normal chakra activity can bring:

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1st Chakra: Red
Greater grounding, easier release of past issues, improved self-survival instincts, circulation.

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2nd Chakra: Orange
Greater initiative and creativity, improved relationships and emotional balance.

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3rd Chakra: Yellow
Greater mental and emotional control and help the nervous and digestive systems.

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4th Chakra: Green
Inner peace and harmony with greater compassion and expression of love (including love of self); also a better overall balance.

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5th Chakra: Blue
Self-expression and communication of ideas.

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6th Chakra: Indigo
Development of psychic abilities, intuitive attunement, spiritual growth & deeper understanding.

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7th Chakra: Violet
A stronger link with cosmic energy, greater spiritual awareness, a closer identity with Oneness and a sense of fulfilment.

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8th Chakra: Magenta
Awakening to our cosmic links beyond Earth and helps open to channelling; creates greater willingness to serve in an altruistic way.

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9th Chakra: Pink
Life stream purpose and function within Reality; dissolving of personal barriers and expansion of self-identity; assists greater attunement to Divine Love.

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10th Chakra: Turquoise
Promotes heart/mind balance to better achieve the Soul's purpose of "right expression"; helps lift depression or negativity, and through deeper harmony helps better utilise the forces of nature.

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11th Chakra: Gold
The active "Yang" principle and the dynamic forces of nature; brings knowledge that you have the ability to achieve your life purpose and sense of duty in achieving that purpose; helps move out of lethargic states; promotes greater awareness of God as doer in all things and a sense of this presence (the Father God within).

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12th Chakra: Silver
The passive intuitive "Yin" principle in creation and your innermost link with the Creator - your Divine essence; with opening of this chakra you become more aware of your Divine purpose, with the realisation that all things will be achieved according to Divine Plan.

Only AUD$16:50 per bottle

If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of Aura Light Chakra Essences, please see our ordering options. You'll probably only need one bottle at a time, and, further, it may be better for you to ask friends to choose for themselves rather than judging their situation.

Mini chakra set for personal use

The Personal Mini Chakra Set
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the roll-on set of 7 @ 25ml glass bottles with roll-on applicators

The Roll-on Chakra Set
The roll-on chakra set is such a convenient and effective way of maintaining your chakra system in peak vibrational form. Easy to use and attractively packaged in 25ml glass bottles the roll-on chakra set is perfect for busy people who value their vibrational integrity.
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The complete chakra set

The complete chakra set
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Chakra 1 - calmness Chakra 2 - initiative and creativity Chakra 3 - mental and emotional control Chakra 4 - inner peace and harmony Chakra 5 - self-expression Chakra 6 - psychic abilities Chakra 7 - spiritual awareness Chakra 8 - awakening to our links beyond Earth Chakra 9 - life stream purpose Chakra 10 - heart/mind balance Chakra 11 - the active "Yang" principle Chakra 12 - the passive intuitive "Yin" principle

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