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Chakra Balms

Aura Light now produces a range of beautiful Chakra Balms.

The Chakra Balms

This is a gentle way of promoting chakra seed energy patterns. The clarity of transfer has been enhanced by combining the essential oils, mineral water and aqueous cream base in a crystal energy grid. This deep multi-dimensional patterning facilitates changes on the chakra energy system and further to one’s consciousness.

Your overall health is strongly influenced by your chakra activity and balance. Each of your chakras has a field of influence and is attuned to a specific colour.

Whilst the Chakra Balms promise a gentle delivery, their energy pattern is maintained for long periods. The balms can be enjoyed by children and the very sensitive ( no alcohol).

Produced in 25ml plastic bottles. Just massage into your hands and chakra zone and inhale the aroma. Available now at $15:95.

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