Aura Light Product Range

Aura Lights come in a 30ml bottle costing AUD$16:50 each.

Unless otherwise specified, these essences are applied on the wrist/hands by
briskly rubbing and then inhaling the aroma by breathing in deeply at least 3 times.

Clear Me

  • Formulated to reduce disturbing energy fields.
  • Can be used to assist focusing before muscle testing and dowsing.
Application This essence is used on the wrist points and temples.

Reflected Light

  • Helps give you a greater insight into the Divine Plan.
  • Good for clear thinking, decision making.
  • Can assist with raising consciousness and clearing blocks.
  • Establishes creative links to the Divine Plan. raises your consciousness and clears blocks, enabling you to draw on "light" created in past lives on all dimnensions and levels.
  • To be used in the NOW
Application This essence is used on the brow and crown chakra.

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Rainbow Serpent

  • Formulated to lift the kundalini (serpent) energy up through all the chakras as well as their connected colours.
  • Assists with alignment of chakras.
  • Facilitates your access to the higher levels of your consciousness.
  • Excellent when combined with the appropriate Chakra Light to clear any "stuck" energies.
  • Creates deep alignment of all Chakras.
  • Releases hindrances which may be retarding your growth.
Application This essence can be used on the brow chakra as well as the appropriate reflexology points. The essence should be deeply inhaled from the hands 3 times (after rubbing together).
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Gold Light

Is for energy workers but is formulated to work on the consciousness level.

Application apply to the solar plexus chakra.
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Turquoise Light

Turquoise Light is for therapists working with energy ie Reiki. Turquoise Light works on a physical level.

Application apply to the thymus areas.

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Love & Light

An uplifting pale pink essence. This sweet scented essence helps promote calmness and self worth.

Application used on the heart chakra and wrists/hand intake points.
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Spiritual Love & Light

Uplifts the spirit and promotes understanding and acceptance.

Application used on the heart chakra and wrists/hand intake points.
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Unconditional Love

  • Promotes a greater feeling of oneness and self-confidence.
  • Allows you to correctly identify your self-love.
  • Nurtures your relationship with yourself.
  • Fosters positive relationships with others.
  • Enhances your feeling of oneness with All Creation.
  • Helps release Karmic patterns.
Application this essence is used on the heart chakra and the aroma inhaled from the hands/wrists 3 times.
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Fairy Drops

  • Lead you along the pathway to the vibrational frequency of the Nature Spirits and Devas
  • Opens this pathway within and through your heart.

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Dolphin Drops

  • Strengthens your connection to the Dolphins realm of consciousness.

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Peace & Happiness

This golden essence helps achieve peace and happiness through tapping into wisdom from the heart. Peace and Happiness focuses on the solar plexus and heart chakra.

Child Light 1

- Turquoise
  • Start the day after birth or as soon as practical.
  • Has a purifying influence, cleansing the meridians and subtle bodies, Aura.
  • Helps transmute non-relevant karmic influences.
  • Has a general harmonising influence.
Application Thymus, twice a day for twelve days or so.
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Child Light 2

- Pink or Blue

  • Could be started directly after Child Light 1 course(see above).
  • May be used continuously into the teen years.
  • Helps promote mental and emotional balance.
  • Helps cleanse and balance the meridians.
  • Helps to ease hereditary disorders.
ApplicationOver Thymus one to three times daily as required.

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  • Activates the ability to focus
Application The essence is used on the solar plexus and inhaled from the wrists/hands.
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  • Helps promote spiritual AWAKENING and deeper meditative states. Temporarily aligns the chakra's and subtle bodies. Helps atonement to Spiritual and Psychic levels, and Intuition.
  • Aids the attunement to the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and helps the development of compassion and unconditional love.
Application over Chakra 6 prior to Meditation - three times daily.
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  • Helps to ease pregnancy sickness.
  • Provides protection from negative thought forms.
  • Establishes a harmonious relationship between MOTHER & CHILD.
  • Supports the whole process of pregnancy & birthing.
Applicationaround the navel area, three times daily.
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Guardian Angel

  • This essence comes to strengthen our connection to the source enabling us to energize our etheric body.
  • Your Guardian Angel helps you release past negative programmed responses.
  • Strengthens your inbuilt multi-dimensional protective processes.
  • The deep programmed patterning encourages a positive response to negative energies.
Application Apply to the brow, base of skull and thymus. This essence created by Tony and Marion Cooper.
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Skin Repair

  • A non oily aqueous cream.
  • Works at the cell level to promote regeneration of damaged skin.
  • Can also be used as a moisturiser for dry skin on face and hands.
  • Some irritating skin conditionsalso respond well.
  • Available in pink or blue.
Application      Just rub in gently and feel the difference!

Cost       $16:95.
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