Aura Light Colour Essences, Oils and Creams.

Welcome to our online colour site and dispensary now available through our new site shop.

We create powerful, precise and effective aromatic colour essences, oils and balms incorporating the resonant vibrational energies of : Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts, Gemstone Elixirs, Crystal Essences, Shell Essences, Wildflowers, Bush and Tree Essences.

Colour has a language and energy of it’s own. Through understanding it’s messages, we can learn much about ourselves. Discover the essence of colour now!

Indulge your inner self with the joy of colour and aroma!

GODDESSCENTS will once again
be available from July 2019-
7 days a week in Illume Creations,

Come to Illume Creations in the Mayfield complex and indulge your colour sensations!
Experience our new luscious GODDESSCENTS range of exquisite oils and essences!
Make time to nurture and pamper your inner Goddess. You know you want to!

Aura Lights essences, oils, balms display

Aura Light are excited to launch their vibrant new Website featuring an Online Shop for your orders!

Aura Light can now be found in Montville 7 days a week! Shiralee Cooper has opened an exciting new shop ILLUME CREATIONS in the new Mayfield complex in Montville featuring the Aura Light family and Shiralee's sister, Tina Cooper's Glass Art! You will also find stunning silk and beautiful bead jewellery to tempt your colour sensations. So come along and take in a dose of Colour Magic along with the stunning views! “Illume Creations” awaits you!

Mini Today bottle consultations are $10 or buy your beautiful 35ml glass bottle for only $25 including the cost of the consultation!
Discover your True Colours @ Illume!

You can phone Illume on (07) 54785440 | Find us on FACEBOOK

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  • Colour - friend, teacher, councillor and healer - a discussion by Tony Cooper.

  • Our Message in a Bottle - colour-coded Harmony Bottles, what they are and how you can use them.

  • Your Chakras how you can nurture, strengthen and open your energy sytem.

  • Aura Light's Product Range discover how Auralight Essences work and browse through our many products
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  • Workshops & Seminars where you can learn more about colour and its therapeutic and vitalising applications.
              We offer courses by correspondence as well as traditional 1 to 3 day courses at a variety of centres.

  • The List of Aura Light Practitioners around the World.

Aura Light at a National Health and Wellbeing Exposition

Aura Light at a
National Health and Wellbeing Exposition

Aura Light Colour Consultation Course Level 1

Location: Lake Mary, Yeppoon

Dates: 4,5,11,12 June 2016

Facilitator: Dee Kynoch RN

Phone: 07 49253095

!!     Website Special     !!
Colour The Cosmic Code
- a book on Colour by Antony J. Cooper, 1999
A visionary book on Colour and its application
in personal and planetary healing and transformation.
Easily digestible, practical information for all interested
parties, including laypersons, professionals and visionarys.
Price AUD$49:95 + p&p

Aura Light
'Unicornis' Obi Obi Road,
Mapleton QLD 4560
Phone: 07 5445 7529

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