Colour the COSMIC CODE by Tony Cooper

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Colour The Cosmic Code

- a book on Colour by Antony J. Cooper, 1999
  • This book is based on the truth as I see it today.
  • What my truth will be tomorrow, is unknown.
  • Who knows to what and to where one's imagination will lead me.
  • The truth goes as far as you can stretch your imagination.
  • Your imagination is your link to: The Cosmos and The Light. GOD.

Introduction (from the book).........
(Illustrations taken from other Chapters)

Colour plays a very important psychological and often symbolic part within our daily lives shaping our inner and outer worlds. Colour arouses strong feelings and emotions within mankind by having such a powerful direct influence upon our thinking feeling processes, creating anything from aggression to tranquillity. Colour and its uses so far as the human mind is concerned, is inexhaustible and never ending. The practice of using colour as a healing agent has been known and practised for many thousands of years by civilisations of bygone days which had a much better understanding of colour knowledge than most people have today. Ancient colour therapies covered the treatment of many illnesses and diseases. Clearly it has been practised in the temples of ancient Egypt and Greece spanning back in excess of four thousand years.


Composition of Light

Colour is a subjective experience for the artist as well as the viewer or observer, leading many people through history to explore and analyse not only colour but art and the artist's use of this medium. Scientists, Biologists, psychologists and many other illustrious people of the past and present have all discussed and formulated the phenomena of colour.

Colour is not only recorded by the eye but perceived by the mind, suggesting that colour remains constant to the mind regardless of illumination. Artists have learnt to manipulate colour, resulting in a perceived illumination, creating an illusion of fixed or projected colour. Colour has the power to act dynamically upon our imaginations. Fixed colours give objects specific energy responses to the viewer, but any object having a reflective surface seems to have a life of its own, always being able to change and respond to any ambient light source but still influencing the soul through the mind. This has inspired many Spiritualist's and Theosophist's such as Madam Blavatsky who wrote at length of her experiences with the phenomena between colour and soul.

Charles Leadbeater found that the relationship of the three primary colours linked to specific shapes, he concluded this through a survey by asking many people to correspond certain colours with specific shapes. ( not including the platonic solids) He concluded that Red linked to squares, Yellow to triangles, and Blue to circles. Not only Freud found a relationship of colour to mankind, but so too did certain abstract and surrealist artists whilst trying to record dreams and visions from a subconscious level, relating colour to form. This recognition of colour's relationship to one's multiple levels of being reveals the language of the Cosmic Code. Colour within healing wasn't re-discovered until the beginning of the 20th century, when once again its study was taken seriously. Even then, it was looked upon as something akin to the occult, having rather mystical and even spiritual values.

The Tree of Life/Light
Most information as to the potential of Colour Therapy was mainly passed on by small groups, sects and even secret societies. This research continued through the study of art in its many forms, the subtle understanding of the old masters, even now not really understood. We do know that this or that artist went through their blue period or their orange period. This I believe had more to do with their mental and emotional states using the colours they needed themselves to express themselves. A good example is Van Gogh's Sunflowers, the predominant colour being orange, which indicates deep emotional turmoil.

Some fragments of this past knowledge are reflected within our present day language and passed down to us from past civilisations, not always being our own. These phrases are in everyday use even now. Just feeling off colour is rather an interesting comment. We wisely say, you should show your true colours without realising the true meaning as with seeing red, feeling green with envy or feeling blue, the scarlet woman and the red light district. There are so many more, its hard to recognise how many colour coded references there are in our modern English language.

Today colour is being recognised as the cornerstone of psychology with the increasing evidence showing our inner understanding and relationship to every colour and shade and to every altered state of our physical well being. Colours are linked to events and circumstances within our lives, as well as showing relationships from the past, present and even the future. Colour is a wonderful tool to move beyond the barriers of consciousness, to explore the truth's of being.

The presence of light and colour is accepted by most people of the world today without question being just a matter of course. Yet if we were cut off from light, our world would quickly become extinct. Whether we realise it or not, Light and therefore colour, has a major dominance upon and within our lives. From awakening in the morning until we retire in the evening, we are saturated by an ever-changing relationship with the colours that are presented to you and perceived on so many different levels. We are today so used to this kaleidoscope of colour from our childhood to our grave, it becomes so familiar and as they say, " Familiarity breeds contempt." We just seem to take it all for granted.

The invisible rays of light with their unseen energy transform into each respective colour according to the reflective qualities of the surfaces of objects and elements. These reflected vibrational frequencies are de-coded by the eye and then passed to the brain which then create the images and sensations that are passed to our outer levels of being. Colour mainly works in conjunction with the eye, brain, and thinking/feeling systems, triggering a bewildering array of responses, some conscious many others sub-conscious.

Application of colour to the body works mainly in conjunction with our body's subtle energy system, through to our multiple levels of consciousness within each and every cell. Yes colour talks to us on a cellular level giving new or renewed energy patterns for the cell's consciousness to energise and harmonise. Once enough of our cells consciousness has been re-patterned or changed, this information is then transferred to our physical body and conscious levels of being, which is then used to change the creative consciousness. When this re-patterned change in consciousness has been made, a resulting new relationship of harmony between your thinking with your feelings can be made, leading to body harmony and good health.

Colour is gradually being used once again for healing the sick in mind, body and spirit, bringing well being. The full potential for healing and the release of destructive creative programs from our systems is yet to be realised. I personally believe that in the future, colour linked together with other forms of vibrational medicine will be in common use to treat illnesses and will prove to be a most powerful tool in preventative medicine. Colour holds very important keys to future knowledge of the self on all levels, leading us directly to the cause of any disharmony. Unfortunately this seems so far removed from what is happening in the main today. People in the main are trying to heal symptoms, not their causes. Colour then, I believe is leading the way to the future of preventative medicine, getting to the cause of any imbalance within our physical and mental systems before that in-balance becomes a major problem.

Bringing colour into our daily lives helps in connecting with the corresponding different facets of one's self. Colour is the visual impulse that inspires us to realise our inner richness. It is the most powerful catalyst and motivator, helping us to recognise our Universality which is firmly imbedded within our consciousness, helping us to remember [re-member = put together] ourselves. These colour seeds within grow into action to help our lives unfold and if understood, bloom into a fuller and much richer life in so many ways.

Being of ancient lineage and yet contemporary, profound but easy to use.

Colour helps us to frequently remember our infinite nature helping us to claim the universe within, leading us to recognise that we are indeed the God of our own personal Universe.

Aura Light is a way of using colour to explore and to know yourself more fully and in so doing, we come to realise the inner universe that lies within us all, that great treasure house of images and knowledge. Colour holds the keys to the way in and hold the codes to our inner mind locks, thus opening us to know the purpose of our being, our destiny, our life's purpose. We were born to grow in consciousness, which of course means, to Know Yourself. An awareness of colour is the conceptual basis for the Aura Light self- diagnostic system of Harmony Bottles.

Live in love,
Tony Cooper

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