Colour by Tony Cooper

Colour is a friend, teacher, councillor and healer, through study and observation we can discover many invaluable truths about colour. Colour is also trustworthy and correctly used as a diagnostic system, it will always be truthful. It is only within its "Translation" that errors can be made. Correctly made choices always gives correct answers.

The main purpose of a colour diagnostic system is not simply "Fortune Telling" but the development of archetypal patterns still dormant in most, which when revealed culminates in the true expression of the selfhood, our soul's pattern. Through colour archetypes the indiviual soul can become aware of areas, once vague or subconscious, in need of further development or understanding, allowing for increased opportunities of developing one's inner to outer potential.

Auralight Harmony colours present a way for each of us to take our own power. Which is necessary for our enlightenment or should it be en-colourment. Follow the viable and invaluable pathway of colour which allows spiritual seekers to find themselves. Listen to these colour messengers which are our true teachers. Although colour is a tangible manifestation of spirit, they don't necessarily help us touch our spiritual being, unless we are open and empowered with evocative power.

Auralight lies within the ancient traditions of the temples of Egypt and the Sumerian Empire and still futher back into the distant past, even to Atlantis. Colour through its journey in time has taken on many facets. But through time its "soul" has been forgotten. For it is within colour and the Rays it emanates from, that which the very bones of our universe lay.

Auralight is a modern message of related colour combinations carrying their messages to seeker's and healers everywhere. These colour relationships are but Archetypal relationships, taking us into the sacred rainbow dream of the subconscious. Where within this level of being we transform ourselves and our planet.

Each and every colour has a driving force within our very cells consciousness, which in turn has a driving force within the consciousness of the whole person.

With the recognition of colour within our outer world, we can think about what they represent and then through the mind's eye, how we experience them, feeling their tangible energies organizing and allowing one to rediscover one's self and to remember our true colours, even our personal to planetary links.

Bringing colour into our daily lives, helps one in connecting with the corresponding different facets of one's self. Colour is a most powerful catalyst and motivator helping us to recognize our universal being which is firmly implanted in our consciousness, helping us to remember ourselves, this colour seed within grows into action helping our lives to unfold fuller and richer in every way.

We are indeed the god of our own personal universe.

The voyage into our inner selves, our inner universe, frees us from the self imposed JAIL of our limited self image.

The sharing of love is the most fundamental alchemy of life. The combining of love and wisdom is the essence of compassion.

Live in love,
Tony Cooper

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Colour The Cosmic Code

- a book on Colour by Antony J. Cooper, 1999

A visionary book on Colour and its application
in personal and planetary healing and transformation.
Easily digestible, practical information for all interested
parties, including laypersons, professionals and visionarys.

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